Dogtek BC-60 Bark Collar Review

The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar uses beeping sounds and optional static shock to get rid of dog’s nuisance barking. This anti-bark collar gives dog owners the option to choose whether the dogs will receive static shocks as a form of punishment or just beeping sounds. This collar uses a vibration sensor to correctly detect the barking sound. It can be used for all breeds and dogs weighing 15 pounds and more.

Vibration sensor

This anti-bark collar uses a vibration sensor rather than a microphone to detect the barking sounds. The vibration sensor senses the barking through the movement of the dog’s throat. This prevents false detection that usually happens with other sound sensors that pick-up external sound. In effect, the canine will only receive a deterrent from its barking and not for sounds that are not coming from the dog.

Warning beeping sounds

This anti-bark device comes with three adjustable modes of correction—the beeping sound, the beeping sound followed by a short simulation and beeping sound followed by a long simulation.

The device will emit a series of six beeping sound at the first bark of the dog. This sound serves two functions; to warn the dog that it will receive a static shock if it does not quit barking and as a deterrent itself since canines are highly sensitive to sound.

Many users praise the warning beep sounds saying that dogs can associate the warning sounds to the static shock that comes after and the sounds alone effectively stops the barking.

“I like the warning beep feature. It warns the dog that the shock is coming unless he settles down. My dog learned the connection between the beep and the shock very quickly, and he rarely activates the shock.”—Amazon user comment

“It only took a couple shocks for my dog to associate barking to the beep/shock, now just the beep is enough to stop any barking. I even recorded the beep on my phone for times where I do not have the collar, and it works!”—Amazon user comment

Optional Static shock correction

If the dog does not respond to the first round of beeping sounds after 30 seconds, then the device will produce beeping sounds for two seconds and will proceed to deliver a static shock.

Dog owners can choose from a short simulation or long simulation as a form of correction. Users can also choose to turn off the static shock and set the device to “beep only.”

Ease of use

The collar is easy to remove and put on dogs as it comes with a quick snap feature. The product also comes with two pairs of hair contact points to deliver the static shocks—one pair for short haired dogs and one pair for long haired dogs.

Shaving or trimming the dog’s hair is unnecessary as the contact points for long hair dogs effectively delivers the static shocks. “We have a husky, so he obviously has thick hair. This collar came with two sets of (what I would call) barbs. The long ones work very well with his thick coat without the need to shave him”—Amazon user comment

This anti- bark collar, however, may not be used for small pet dogs given that the device can only be used for dogs that weight below 15 pounds.


The product is weather resistant but not waterproof. This anti-bark collar may not last for dogs that stay outdoors and often play with mud or water. The collar has to be removed as well when the dogs are being given a bath.

The battery does not need constant replacement as it can last up to six months despite being used every day, eight hours a day (the collar should not be worn by dogs for more than 8 hours).

This anti-bark collar comes with one-year warranty.

What the users are saying

The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from Amazon buyers. More than half of those who have bought this device have given it a 5 star rating.

Dog owners commend this anti-bark collar for quickly getting rid of the nuisance barking. Many of the users also noted that they are no longer using the static shocks as their pet dogs quit barking upon hearing the beeping sounds.

“Good product seems a little bulky. But the barking has stopped. We set it to give to warning beeps, than comes the zap. He now stops barking with warning beeps. Good product for dogs that bark”—Amazon user comment

“This product has stopped the dog barking when we are away. I like the features this back control collar comes with, as it gives the dog ample warning. My dog has learned the warnings. I like the fact this collar has warnings instead of bark-and-shock. This product is also very durable, easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to add and remove from the dog. I recommend this product.” —Amazon user comment


  • Vibration sensor that effectively detects the dog’s bark
  • Dual purpose beeping sounds that can serve both as a warning and deterrent
  • Optional static shocks that can be turned off by owners
  • Two options for the duration of the static shock—short and long duration
  • Easy to use; no trimming or shaving required for long haired dogs
  •  Long battery life


  • The device is a bit bulky and cannot be used for dogs weighing below 15 pounds
  • The collar is not water proof and may not be used for dogs who submerge themselves in water or mud


The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar is an effective anti-bark collar that uses a beeping sound and harmless static shock to get rid of nuisance barking. Many users attest that this anti-bark collar quickly corrects the excessive barking behavior of dogs. Dog owners also are given the option on the deterrent they want to use—either a beeping sound or a beeping sound followed by a static shock. This product is also durable as long as the collar is not submerged in water.