Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray Collar Review

The Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs is designed to eliminate the nuisance barking of any dog. This product works on dogs that weigh above six pounds and for most breeds of dogs. It is also perfect for bigger canines given that the collar can fit neck size up to 24 inches.

This citronella anti-spray bark is automatic and does not require the intervention of dog owners. The Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs comes with no bark spray device, one refill canister of citronella spray, one adjustable nylon strap and one 6-volts battery.

Sound detector

This citronella anti-bark collar uses a single sensor to detect barking. It has a microphone to detect the barking sounds.

The single sensor, however, picks up other sounds and sprays citronella spray fumes to dogs even when they are not barking. Many users have in fact complained about the over sensitive sound detection of this anti-bark collar.

“Collar is too sensitive. Sprayed our dog when he was just walking around. Even when we removed his regular collar, and there was nothing to make noise. We have been using spray collars for over 10 years now and this one is by far too sensitive and not a good training aid.”- Amazon user comment

“Unfortunately this product goes off if your dog shakes… So my pup did learn to not bark if the collar was on… And only if the collar was on, but because it went off when she shook she was scared to move with it on and just got super sad and would lay down and not move or play as soon as you got it on her,”- Amazon user comment

Ease of Use

This anti-bark citronella spray works on most dogs and can fit even big canines. The collar can fit dogs with a neck size of up to 24 inches unlike other products in the market that can only fit up to 20 inches.

Some users, however, said that the product may be too heavy for small dogs as one Amazon user commented “I would love for this collar to be a little smaller. It is no good for small dogs.”

Removing the collar is easy given that the collar has a quick snap release. But refilling the spray is a bit more challenging.

Automatic feature

This device automatically sprays citronella fumes and does not require the intervention of humans. Dog owners however complained that they are sprayed with the citronella fumes when they refill the spray reservoir or replace the battery. Aside from getting sprayed with the fumes, dog owners also dislike this feature because it wastes the citronella spray.

“My other dislike for this collar is that it sprays when turned on. I discovered this when I turned it on and it sprayed me. This wasted spray costs as the collar is good for 12 barks and losing one when you turn it on.”—Amazon user comment

“Even if you were ‘smart enough’ to realize this thing will fire every single time you turn it on and didn’t cover yourself with Citronella like I did, how much of the quite expensive liquid will it waste by virtue of it firing so often?’ —Amazon user comment

What the users are saying

The Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs has received a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars from Amazon users. Almost half of dog owners who have tried this product have given it a 5 star rating. Most of the users praise the product for being effective in eliminating the nuisance barking of their dogs.

“This collar is awesome. Eddy stopped barking in just two days. We tried everything and nothing worked. Our neighbors actually asked us what happened to our dog!”—Amazon user comment

“I purchased the collars and gave it a try. It was a miracle! Only took a few hours for them to start barking. Even without the collars on now they are learning self control. If they do start to bark I just have to pick the collar up and they stop. What a wonderful product this is!” –Amazon user comment

Majority of the dog owners who complained raised issues about the device being too sensitive and about how they get sprayed with citronella fumes when refilling the spray and changing the batteries.

“This thing sprays when you insert the batteries and whenever you turn it on, not just a little spray a giant one. It also went off while my dog was sleeping and once when he scratched himself” –Amazon user comment

“This collar worked great at first. Really reduced the barking. However, after I refilled it, it is very sensitive and goes off when the dog shakes her ears or other times when not barking. Is there a way to fix this?” –Amazon user comment


  • The majority of the dog owners find this product effective in eliminating nuisance barking
  • This anti-bark device is automatic and does not require much intervention from dog owners
  • Can fit big-sized dogs with neck sizes up to 24 inches
  • Easy to remove the collar as it is built with the quick snap feature


  • This collar may be a bit large for very small dogs
  • Users complained that the device is too sensitive. It only has a single sensor and uses sound frequency to detect barking, after all
  • Sprays citronella fumes when the spray is being refilled or when the batteries are being replaced


The majority of dog owners who have tried this product claimed that the Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs is very effective in getting rid of their pet’s nuisance barking. The product, however, only has a single sensor—a microphone that detects sound frequencies and emits citronella fumes even when the dogs are not barking. Plus, it also sprays when the batteries are being replaced or when the spray is being refilled.