Dogtek NoBark Sonic Bark Control Dog Collar

Dogtek’s NoBark Sonic Bark Control Dog Collar boasts of three adjustable correction modes that make use of ultrasonic sounds and vibrations as the forms of deterrent. It comes with interchangeable and adjustable bark sensors. This dog bark collar only weighs only two ounces, and is perfect for small pet dogs. This device comes with one year limited warranty.

Bark sensors

The device comes with bark sensors that detect barking through the vibration sounds coming from the dog’s throat. Dog owners can adjust the level of the sensor’s sensitivity by

These two bark sensors— short and long are interchangeable allowing the dog owners to choose the sensitivity of the detector. Shifting the level of sensitivity of the detector however, can be very tedious.

Dog owners must remove the battery cover using the screwdriver included in the package to unscrew. Users can then turn the setting screw according to their desired sensitivity level by turning the screw clockwise to decrease sensitivity and counter-clockwise to increase.

The package comes with two bark detectors—short for short-haired dogs and long for long-haired dogs. The device has the short sensor is already fitted in the unit but dog owners can replace it with the long one.

The sensors, however, can be too sensitive and fails to correctly detect the bark. The device causes false alarms as it detects barking even when the dogs are just moving around. This is a common complaint among Amazon buyers.

“After adjusting the bark sensitivity all the way down because on the midway setting every time she shook or moved really it was going off I was still surprised to hear it going off when my dog wasn’t barking, I took it off her and left it on the counter to mess with later, well turns out it goes off all by itself randomly.. there’s no vibration or movement of any kind so it’s definitely not a setting issue.. it’s pretty random how often it goes off too so not sure what the issue is but we’ll be sending this back”—Amazon user comment

Adjustable correction

This anti-bark collars has three operating correction modes. Dog owners can choose from three modes— modes 1, 2 or 3 to choose the type of deterrent. Dogs will either experience the ultrasonic sounds or vibration or both.

Mode 1 delivers an ultrasound only while mode 2 delivers a vibration. Mode 3 delivers both an ultrasound and a vibration. The device is set in mode 3.

To adjust the mode settings, dog owners must keep the magnetic key (it comes in the package) in contact with the orange mark found on the collar. The collar will emit a certain number of beeping sound depending on the mode selected.

One beep –mode 1, two beeps — mode 2 and three beeps –mode 3. Users must remove the magnetic key once the mode preferred is reached. The device will remember the last mode selected and will be in the previous mode chosen after the device is turned on.

Build Quality

This anti-bark collar only weighs approximately 1.8 ounces making this device perfect for small dogs. It can fit dogs with neck sizes ranging from three inches to 22 inches.

It runs on a replaceable 3 Volt CR 2450 lithium battery that can last for three months depending on the use (mode selected, number of hours used and number of barks detected). Beeping sounds are emitted when turned on and off to inform dog owners that the battery is already in need of replacement.

The collar is neither water proof nor water resistant and may not be suitable for outdoor dogs. The product has a one-year limited warranty.

The strap is made from nylon with a quick snap feature making it easy to wash, and remove and put back on dogs.

What the users are saying

Dogtek’s NoBark Sonic Bark Control Dog Collar has received a rating of 2.8 out 5 stars among Amazon buyer. Almost 30 percent of those who have bought this device have given it a 5 star rating while almost 50 percent have given it a one star rating.

The majority of those who have given this anti-bark collar a low rating are highly dissatisfied with the bark sensors claiming that these sensors creates false alarms and that it failed to get rid of nuisance barking.

“Found out that the collar went off with movement!!!!! My poor dog couldn’t move without it going off.” – Amazon buyer comment

Ordered this product with the high hopes from reading the anti-bark collar reviews that it would be the answer to my dog barking problem, but it wasn’t. I have adjusted the sensor may time but to no avail. In my opinion this is a waste of money.

“Other users who found the collar effective also complained that adjusting the sensitivity level is difficult. “– Amazon buyer comment

“This collar works, but the sensitivity it very hard to dial in. It has a small screw on the inside of the plastic part that you screw in or out for sensitivity (how much vibration needed before it will ring and vibrate) I ended up buying a different product cause I could never get it right, it would either vibrate her when she was playing and running around, but not barking, or it wouldn’t when she was actually barking.”- – Amazon buyer comment


  • Lightweight at 1.8 ounces and is suitable for small dogs
  • Adjustable collar that can fit most dogs
  • The collar is washable and easy to remove
  • Adjustable correction mode; dog owners can either choose ultrasounds or vibrations or both as the form of deterrent
  • Saves last mode of correction


  • Bark sensor incorrectly detects barks and creates false alarm
  • Adjustment of bark sensor sensitivity and replacement of bark sensors are complicated and requires the removal of the battery cover
  • No indicator to display the mode selected, the sensitivity level selected or battery level. The device instead makes use of beeping sounds to indicate the modes, sensitivity and battery level.
  • Many dog owners have complained that the device failed to address nuisance barking


Dogtek’s NoBark Sonic Bark Control Dog Collar is an anti-bark device that gives dog owners the option to either use ultrasonic sounds or vibration stimulation or both to correct excessive barking. This device, however, comes with a bark sensor that often creates false alarms with the movement of the dog. Plus, this anti-bark collar is far from user-friendly, as well, as adjusting the sensitivity level and to changing the bark sensors can be very tedious. It also relies heavily on beeping sounds to reflect battery level and mode selected, among others.