Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe No-Bark Collar Review

The Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe No-Bark Collar boasts of an accelerometer-based bark identification technology that effectively distinguishes barking from other forms of vocalizations of dogs. This anti-bark dog collar is built with the Autorise Technology that delivers the lowest level of static sensation to correct canines.

Dog owners are also given the option of using a vibration sensation as the deterrent — an alternative to static shocks. Users can purchase the product with a replaceable battery or a rechargeable one. This product is waterproof and can fit dogs weighing seven kilos above. The manufacturer also provides a 30 day money back guaranty.

Vibration Sensor

This anti-bark collar has a vibration sensor to detect the barking of the dog. It is built with the ‘Advanced Bark Correction Technology that can effectively differentiate barking from other forms of dog vocalization such as whining or growling. This feature avoids false detection or picking up of other sounds or movements. In return, the dog only receives a correction for its barking.

Manual and Autorise Stimulation

Dog owners can choose from an automatic also known as the autorise stimulation or the manually set stimulation.

The autorise stimulation automatically increases the simulation when the dog barks. This option has 18 levels of correction. The autorise simulation delivers the first level of correction to the canine on its first bark and will deliver another correction at the same level if the dog does not stop its barking. The device will increase the correction by two levels if the dog continues to bark.

This anti-bark collar will deliver corrections at the same level and will continue to increase the correction level by two notches until the dog ceases its barking. Once the dog has quit barking, then the collar will slowly lower the correction, one level at a time until the dog has stopped its barking altogether.

The device will resume its correction at the last level where the barking has stopped.

The manual set stimulation on the other hand has seven correction levels. Dog owners simply have to set the correction dial to his or her preferred level. Users must use the first level and check whether it is enough to correct the barking and continue to increase the intensity of the correction until the dog ceases its barking.

Vibration stimulation

Alternatively, dog owners are also given a choice of using a vibration stimulant rather than the static shock stimulation. Dog owners must simply set the correction dial to ‘V.’ The collar will vibrate each time the dog barks rather than delivering static shocks.

Bark Odometer

The Bark Odometer is a unique feature that makes this anti-bark collar standout from the rest in the market. Dog owners can see how many times their pets barked with the bark odometer when they turn-off the collar. The LED flashes red and green lights. A red flash is equivalent to 10 barks and green flash equals one bark. For example, two red flash and three green flash means that the collar detected 23 barks.

This feature is very useful in determining if the level of correction is appropriate when the collar is on manual stimulation mode. And many users from Amazon find the bark odometer very handy such as this user “I really like that when you turn off unit it shows how many times it corrected your dog.”


Dog owners have the option of choosing from a rechargeable or a reusable battery– the rechargeable Li-ion battery and replaceable CR2 battery. The replaceable battery can last up to 10 months depending on the usage such as duration of use, level of correction and form of stimulation.

This anti-bark collar also boasts of “sleep mode” to conserve battery life. The device slips into the sleep-mode if it does not detect any movement or barking.

Ease of Use

This anti-bark collar has integrated stainless steel contact points designed to suit all dog breeds regardless of the coat’s thickness. It is also lightweight and compact. No need to assemble as the product can be used after opening the package.

Determining whether the battery needs to be replaced is also easy. The LED also indicates the battery life– Green means that the battery has sufficient charge. Yellow indicates that the battery should be replaced or charged shortly, and red means that the battery should be changed or charged quickly.

Changing from one correction mode to another is easy. Dog owners, however, must take the time to at least scan the instructions on how to navigate the controls given the choices available to dog uses with this anti-bark collar.


The product is waterproof and comes with a durable 71 cm strap. The strap comes in a belt-clasp style can be adjusted easily to fit smaller dogs.

There, however been some complaints that the belt is difficult to put on dogs or that the strap falls off despite its snug fit.

“I don’t like the collar it comes with because the belt-clasp style is difficult for me to put on my dog, as she doesn’t sit still. I cut an old fabric collar of hers, slid the bark limiter on it, and sewed the collar back together.”—Amazon user comment

“The issue we experience is although the collar is snug it still seems slide off the throat. It’s a pity the collar does not have an anti-slide material. I am somewhat reluctant to tighten the collar further but will have to. This is my only issue with this otherwise solid product.”—Amazon user comment

There are a significant number of customers who also complained that the product stopped working after a couple of days. The manufacturer, however, has a 30 day money back guaranty.

What the users are saying

The Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe No-Bark Collar has received a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon users. Almost 40 percent of the users have given it a rating of 5 stars while almost ¼ of the users have only given the device a rating of one star.

Dog owners who have given a rating of one star complained that the unit stopped working or that the anti-bark collar was plain ineffective. Those who have given it a 5 star rating raved that the product corrected the nuisance barking immediately.

“Bought 2 for my lovable ‘yappers’, I was surprised that they actually worked! Set it auto so that they can still bark but discomfort increases as barking increases. You can also set it by levels. Good product, well made and it works.”—Amazon user comment

“It is a terrible product. I have been using it for a few weeks, and it is delivering a correction at inappropriate times. It has shocked the dog when he was eating right next to me, when I closed the gate, and even when there was an explosion in a movie on television. I suggest that you discontinue sales of this item. I purchased two of these. Thankfully, I only used one before realizing the problem. They are both in the trash.” —Amazon user comment


  • Advanced Bark Correction Technology that can effectively detect barking
  • Manual and Autorise Stimulation with seven and 18 levels of correction, respectively
  • Option for vibration stimulation rather than static shock correction
  • Bark Odometer that allows dog owners to know how many barks were detected
  • Choice between rechargeable and replaceable batteries.
  • Automatic sleep mode when no movement is detected
  • 30-day money back guaranty from manufacturer


  • Some users complained that the product either stopped working quickly or plainly did not work
  • Complaints about the collar being made from slippery material and belt-clasp style which makes it difficult for dog owners to put on their dogs


The Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe No-Bark Collar is one of the pricey anti-bark collars in the market as it sells for almost $100. But this anti-bark collar boasts of many unique features such as the Bark Odometer, vibration stimulation option and manual and automatic stimulation options which many anti-bark collars do not have.

The product also has more correction levels than others. This anti-bark collar would be perfect for dog owners who want to know how much their dog barks when they are out and for those who want many choices on the kind of reprimand or deterrent for their beloved pets.