PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar Review

PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar promises to eliminate nuisance barking without pain. It works by spraying dogs with a harmless citronella burst when it barks. This anti-bark citronella spray collar works on dogs at least six months old that weigh above six pounds. The product comes with nylon collar, attachable spray device, three ounces of citronella spray, 6-volt battery and a set of instructions.

Correct barking detection

This works by detecting the barking sound and spraying the citronella fumes straight to the nose of the dog as a punishment for the barking

The product has a microphone sensor to detect the bark of the dogs. The microphone is located near the dog’s throat to pick-up the barking sound.

According to the majority of users who has used this anti-bark collar, the microphone correctly detects the barking sound of the dogs. The dog wearing the collar does not get punished for the barking of other dogs around as one Amazon user relayed “We have several other dogs in the neighborhood that our dogs loves to play around and their barking does not seem to set off the spray,”.

Additionally, this anti-bark collar spray only detects barking, and will not emit citronella fumes for whining and growling. “My dog has actually found whining and low growl as a workaround. It did help with loud barking through.” – Amazon user comment.

Ease of Use

The manual recommends that dog owners trim the hair of their pets if they are too long. Users attest that the spray works well even if the dogs are not sporting a short trim.

“I would say you definitely don’t have to shave your dog for this to work” – Amazon user comment.

“We have a pretty furry yorkie that wears the collar and her neck doesn’t need to be shaved. If you want full effect, their chin hair would have to be short, though.” – Amazon user comment.

This citronella anti-bark spray, however, does not allow the dog owners to adjust the level of fumes emitted. Neither does the product have a warning device for dog owners to signal that the battery has died and that the spray needs to be replaced.

“There is no way of telling how full the spray is nor whether the batteries are working. When my dog starts barking again, I know it’s time to fill the spray or check the batteries.” – Amazon user comment.

Many users are also concerned that each refill can last up to 25-30 sprays. But users are satisfied that the fumes emitted are not too strong and do not linger inside the homes.


Users praise this no bark dog collar product for being harmless. The majority of users said that the product curbs excessive barking without harming their beloved pets. The citronella spray does not have side effects either.

“Works great and won’t hurt the dog. Tried an electronic collar but the dog freaked out. This spray collar did the trick & it stopped the barking the first time we tried it! Now our dog stops barking as soon as she sees the collar & it s not even on her yet!”- – Amazon user comment

“We were worried about any problems with its use, since our Bichon has allergies, but it’s worked great with no side effects.”- – Amazon user comment


The manufacturer of PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar has a 30-day money back guarantee.

A considerable number of consumers, however, have complained that the collar does not last long.

“I am on my 4th spray collar in a year now, because all of them worked for a short period after delivery and got me a good night’s sleep, whereas before my dog kept me awake barking at outside noise. If you are prepared to replace the unit frequently, as I must do, go ahead. Otherwise I recommend to stay away from it. It gets expensive.”—Amazon user comment.

“This piece of junk stopped working after a couple of months. It clicks like it wants to work but wont spray don’t waste your money move on.” – Amazon user comment

Some users also recommend against using the anti-bark collars for outdoors contrary to the claim of the manufacturer that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Users claimed that the product stopped working when exposed to water and moisture.

“This collar worked well initially. Unfortunately, after 3 days of regular use by our dog, it’s stopped working after getting some mist from the sprinkler system on it. I wouldn’t recommend this for use anywhere but indoors.”– – Amazon user comment

“Unfortunately – the collar is NOT water proof or water resistant – ANY moisture will make it stop working if left on outside( like inadvertent watering etc) – and it did stop working several times, removed battery ( which is of poor quality) and is now dead even after battery change.”–Amazon user comment

What the users are saying

The PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar has rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars among Amazon customers. Almost half of those who have tried this anti-bark collar have given a rating of five stars. These users praise the effectiveness of the collar to modify the nuisance barking of their pet dogs.

“The collar works like a charm!!! It’s inexpensive, made well, safe, and effective! I’m so happy I got it. My dog loves to look out the window but when a delivery person would pass, she would always bark a lot!! Now, she still watches out the window but does it quietly! This collar really works!!”– Amazon user comment

“This works. I have used it on two dogs and it does curtail the barking and can stop it. It’s a good training tool to have on hand.”– Amazon user comment

There are also a significant number of users who are unhappy with the product saying that it fails to stop the barking and the unit does not last long.

“Such a waste of money. Did not work at all. Did not spray when my dog barked and when I tried spraying the dog straight from the can it didn’t even bother him.” — Amazon user comment

“I would recommend this product but bear in mind that it will start to leak, the replacement batteries are hard to come by, and it will need to be replaced about once a year.” — Amazon user comment


  • Painless and harmless for dogs. No side effects either
  • Easy to use – no need to shave or short trim the hair of your dogs
  • Effective barking detection system
  • Immediately corrects nuisance barking for most dogs
  • 30 day money back guaranty
  • Citronella fumes emitted do not linger inside the room


  • Users may need to replace the unit every few months
  • The refill only lasts for 25-30 sprays, it can be expensive in the long run
  • May not be suited for outdoor use; not water resistant and exposure to water and moist can break the unit
  • No warning to dog owners that the spray and battery need to be replaced


The PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar is a painless and harmless collar that is effective in getting rid of any dog’s nuisance barking. It works for the majority of users who have tried this product. Dog owners, however, may need to shell out more money if they wish to use this product for long given that it does not last long and the citronella spray refills have to be replaced frequently.