PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Pet Collar Review

PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Bark Control Pet Collar delivers an ultrasonic tone to get rid of nuisance barking. This device uses a microphone sensor to detect barking. It runs on replaceable 3-volt lithium batteries. The device is lightweight and water-resistant.

Microphone sensor

This anti-bark dog collar uses a microphone sensor to detect the barking of canines. The microphone sensor, however, is prone to false alarms as it has the tendency to pick up external sounds and the barking of nearby dogs.

The majority of those who have used this anti-bark collar complained that the microphone sensor is too sensitive and delivers correction for noises that it picks-up.

“This item goes off with every little sound and even when my little boy crys and traffic sounds… How does it help a dog when u turn the tv on it goes off and I don’t see how that helps the dog”—Amazon user comment

Tone correction

This ultrasonic bark collar emits a high-pitched tone as the deterrent for the barking. The tone is loud enough so that even dog owners get to hear when a correction is being delivered.

The high-pitched sound, however, fails to deliver adequate correction and many dogs continue with their barking despite the corrections being delivered.

“I don’t know if our dog does not get bothered by the noise but she barks just as much with it on as when it is off,”—Amazon user comment

Easy to Use

The collar is made from nylon and plastic snap style buckle, allowing dog owners to put the collar on and off easily. The collar can be washed and replacements are also easily available.

The device runs on replaceable 3-volt lithium batteries. The unit has a battery indicator to let dog owners know when the batteries are already in need of replacement.

This anti-bark collar is lightweight and water-resistant, as well.

What the users are saying

PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Bark Control Pet Collar has received a rating of 1.8 stars out of 5 stars among Amazon users. No dog owner has given the device a five star rating while more than 60 percent has given it a one star rating.

Users are highly dissatisfied with the product complaining about the extra sensitive microphone sensor that leads to false alarms and about the device inability to correct nuisance barking.

“This is way too sensitive and picks up all sorts of sounds, not just barking. It makes my dog afraid of literally everything that makes noise which is not what I wanted.” – Amazon user comment

“Didn’t work, because the microphone was too sensitive to every noise. Cheaply made product, too small for large breeds,”—Amazon user comment

“My dog got used to the noise right away. Might as well have flushed the money down the toilet. Do not buy.”—Amazon user comment


  • Easy to use and water resistant
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Lightweight which can be used even for small dogs


  • Uses a microphone sensor that is too sensitive and causes false alarm
  • The ultrasonic sound is an inadequate correction for nuisance barking


PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Bark Control Pet Collar uses a microphone sensor that is too sensitive to correctly detect barking. As a result, dogs get punished for all kind of noises the sensor detects making the device an ineffective correction device. Plus, the high-pitched sounds are not enough to deter the dogs barking. Dog owners might want to consider buying a different anti-bark device.